Born in Managua, Nicaragua, on May 31st, 1992, Alejandro had an evident gift for music from an early age. He enjoyed jamming to his favorite CDs on his dad's bongos, which led to him taking his first drum lesson at age ten. He began the exploration that would eventually lead him to music production and audio engineering. His private instructors and fellow musicians have expressed that he has an excellent ear, great sense of timing, musicality, and great dynamic control. A well-rounded musician, his abilities exceed percussion instruments, as he also plays guitar, bass, piano, synthesizers and he sings.

As is common in life, his path was eventful and took many turns. By 2010, Alejandro had tried other options and was now certain that music was the right choice for him. He had always been inclined towards being a groove drummer and, as such, spent that year performing with over five acts in his hometown, Managua, Nicaragua. Working alongside talented artists such as the members of Momotombo, La Cuneta Son Machin, Katia Cardenal, and Perrozompopo, among others provided him with valuable experiences that inspired the development of his career.

He graduated cum laude as a Music Production and Engineering major at Berklee College of Music in 2015, which provided him the education and networking he longed for. A year and a half before finishing school, he had already worked as a producer, recording engineer and mixer for artists both in Nicaragua and the United States.

Alejandro's main vision is to be able to work on both sides of the glass in the studio. Wether it’d be producing, recording, mixing, sound designing as well as performing live and in recording sessions. He intends for music to be a vehicle in accomplishing his purpose in life, which is collaborating with musicians in Nicaragua and the region, employing his experience, network and knowledge in enhancing their productions to attract bigger audiences across the globe.

Producer & Mix Engineer

Alejandro has worked as a producer, recording and mix engineer in several projects both in Nicaragua and the United States. He has worked with renown Nicaraguan artists and bands like Momotombo, La Cuneta Son Machin, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy, Katia Cardenal and others; He has also worked with North American artists and composers like Duncan Johnson, Adam Travis, Alice Lee, Tower + Star, Nebula Rosa, among others.  

High Key People - Decolonial Love

Sid Hart - False Alarm

Nebula Rosa - La Babaduka

Nebula Rosa - All or Nothing


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Alejandro’s versatility as a drummer has helped him share the stage with a varied list of artists, from electronic music to singer/songwriters. This artists include Momotombo, ECOS, Duncan Johnson, Adam Travis,  Wolfside, Luis Enrique, among others.

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